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New Sneaker Trading Platform Gives Sneakerheads a Safe and Efficient Way to Acquire Luxury Shoes

House of Trade Launch Fills Gap in Sneaker Resale Marketplace

(Denver) - Sneakerheads across the country now have a new way to acquire luxury sneakers in a safe and seamless manner. The launch of House of Trade, an innovative new platform in the sneaker resale industry, fills a gap that sneaker enthusiasts have long desired - a way to trade the shoes they have for the ones they want.

The hotly evolving sneaker industry has created a plethora of platforms that offer a resale format where users can upload their sneakers for sale at any price they choose. Until now, the only way to trade sneakers was through sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, where both parties had to arrange in-person meetups to complete the transaction. House of Trade is the missing piece in the sneaker acquisition space with an easy-to-use trading and authentication algorithm that eliminates the stress and safety issues that sneakerheads once faced when making a trade.

“I’ve been buying and selling sneakers for years and always felt that trading was overlooked due to the logistics required to make a trade,” said Chris Holloway, CEO and Co-Founder of House of Trade. “Our platform allows users to safely trade the shoes they already have for the shoes they desire in an easy, quick, and efficient format.”

To use House of Trade, users create a free profile and upload the sneakers they own - also known as “closet currency” - that are up for trade. Users are then able to request a trade by entering in the sneakers they are looking for. House of Trade’s unique algorithm matches trade requests between users on the platform to create a match. When a match is made, all parties involved in the trade ship their “closet currency” to House of Trade, who then authenticates each pair. Once authenticated, House of Trade ships the new sneakers to the traders, completing the trade. Users pay a $30 fee only when involved in a trade.

“The sneaker industry is one that continues to grow in popularity as sneakerheads are constantly trying to acquire hard-to-get shoes,” said Holloway. “House of Trade is a great way for them to keep an eye out for shoes on their cop list without investing cash and unload the sneakers they own.”

For more information on House of Trade, visit and follow on Instagram (@houseoftrade_inc), Facebook (/houseoftradesneakertrade), and Twitter (@houseoftradeinc).

About House of Trade

House of Trade is a modern trading platform for sneakers. The platform allows users to trade their "closet currency" (i.e., sneakers) with other users for these luxury items that might be hard to find elsewhere. In today's economy, when financial resources are limited, and safety is top of mind, this platform facilitates the exchange of goods in a safe, secure and efficient manner. House of Trade sits at the intersection of commerce, culture, and community. House of Trade is minority-led and women-led company that serves an ethnically and gender diverse community.

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