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House of Trade Featured As One to Watch

House of Trade was featured by entrepreneur Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene in her latest article "Early-Stage Angel Investments to Watch: Spotlighting Black-Founded Startups" on Medium.

Read the excerpt below:

  1. House of Trade (B2C, E-commerce, Retail)

House of Trade is a modern trading platform for sneakers and allows users to trade their “closet currency” — sneakers they already own — with other users for luxury items that might be hard to find elsewhere. The sneaker resale market is currently a $2 billion industry projected to grow to $30 billion by 2025; a partnership with House of Trade puts investors on the forefront of a quickly growing industry with an engaged audience.

Led by founder and CEO Chris Holloway, House of Trade launched in April 2020 and, after seeing steady growth, has initiated plans to expand their platform so that users can trade sports cards, luxury bags, watches, streetwear, and more. House of Trade has been featured in news outlets including WGN Radio, and continues to build its audience and brand through a new, weekly podcast for sneaker enthusiasts called Kicks of the Trade.

House of Trade is seeking investors in the retail, tech, and e-commerce spaces to help them reach their $1.3 million investment goal. House of Trade plans to allocate investment funds to app development, website expansion, marketing, logistics, and staff. To invest, please contact House of Trade CEO Chris Holloway at

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